Iwona Abrams contributes to all aspects of design process and drawing. Works on Design Process and Live Projects modules.

Dr Hena Ali designs and implements human-centred social projects using physical/digital engagement tools and bespoke communication-led strategies for startups, established social enterprises, research centres, educational establishments and community organisations. Works on Design Process, Professional Practice, Information Applications and Visual Narratives modules. 

Colin Bailey is our Course Leader who teaches on typography, design and representation modules. Works on Representation of Information, Professional Practice, Information Applications, Typography & Communication 1 and Final Major Project modules.

Lara Blazic is a tutor currently looking into how open technology can inform design practice. Works on Authorship & Interraction and Visual Narratives modules.

Hans Dieter Reichert (proprietor/editor Baseline magazine) teaches on typography and design related modules. Works on Typography & Communication 1/2, Live Projects and Launchpad modules. Also works as a Liaison Tutor to Macromedia University for Applied Science in Berlin, Germany.

Junaid Kaiyani is a tutor who focuses the course professional practice elements. Works on Visual Language & Communication and Launchpad modules.

Victoria Salmon and Katie Hayes are the course tutors for graphic design theory.

Jason Pidd is a cross cluster tutor focusing on visual communication, interdisciplinary practice, typography and digital application. Works on Visual Language & Communication, Typography and Communication 2 and Final Major Project modules. Also runs Interdisciplinary Practice and Graphic Explorations modules within Illustration & Visual Communication.

Recent semester visitors include:

Phil Cleaver:

George Lewis-Jones, FutureBrand

Anna Gerber: Visual Editions

Gimple Gohil, BBC Interactive

Ian McLaren, Studio Otl Aicher

Gordon Young, artist/typographer

Tom Seymour, Google (faculty wide)

Paula Minelgaite, alumnus, now Royal College of Art year 2 

Image: H.D.Reichert / J.Pidd. Visual Identity and algorythmic motion-graphic work for ‘25’, a showcase of 25 years of creative practice within Media Art & Design at the University of Westminster