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Exhibiting Students, P3 2017


My project is a fun guerrilla campaign aimed against poor parking motorists – ‘one idiot at a time’. Intended for use by the general public when they encounter poor parking. Consisting of a pack of 3 components: certificates, magnets and rosettes that may be used as ‘awards’ for different levels of poor parking in London – parking that may be inconsiderate, greedy or selfish. It is hoped that this humorous campaign will encourage the public to engage and have their say by raising awareness of the issue.  


With a passion for supercars, and an interest in editorial design, I have created a publication that focuses on the aerodynamics and performance capabilities of supercars. The publication, featuring information and articles written and compiled by me, is intended for the automotive industry, and for general audiences who may share my passion. The publication is accompanied by a promotional card game and poster, an eBook concept, and a promotional video, designed and edited by me. 


See London is a branding concept for the city of London. The aim of this proposal is to challenge preconceived notions of the city, and to represent it in a vibrant and positive way that reflects it’s true spirit and diversity. I have produced a number of outcomes that demonstrate how this concept may be applied within a rage of contexts for the cities residents, and for it’s many visitors.   


My project is based around social justice, social reform and community justice. Drawn from personal experiences, I have created a publication that documents aspects of reflection and reform. It is a very personal project that features documents from past experiences. 


This project aims to raise awareness of the dangers to public health due to the over-use of food additives. Instant noodles, part of the ‘fast-food’ culture, contain large quantities of harmful additives, and they have absolutely no nutritional value at all. They damage the human digestive system and increase the risk of cancer. My project consists of a short film, and a set of ‘real’ noodles packaging, designed to reveal the ‘true’ nature of the ingredients. 


For my project I have created a magazine specifically for western-born Asians. It documents and features articles on the pro's and con's of being born within conflicting environments from a young Asian perspective. It seeks to explore the cultural influences and struggles when growing up. Topics include: education and career choices, language, culture and customs, and even food choices and diet. The magazine will contain photography showing the true nature of East Asia, and Asia from a western perspective.



Society is being fuelled by progress, power, and above all – money. Fast-pace living does not allow us to pause, wonder, take stock, or think twice before making a decision. This usually keeps us in a state of anxiety and stress – vulnerable to the temptations of media and advertising campaigns. As a designer with strong ethical concerns I feel I have a responsibility to influence and provoke change for society’s sake. I have created a playful approach to question making in the form of an online platform. It invites users to let their minds wander, and discover. Hopefully this exercise will inspire them to question more on a daily basis.


Fables are short stories that illustrate a particular moral as a lesson for young children. These Fables can also be described as tales or yarns that have a message in their narrative – such as a parable passed into our culture as myths and legends. Being able to teach children morals through the use of visual narratives fascinates me and it is where my passion lies. For my project I have re-created four of Aesop’s Fables by illustrating them as humorous, colourful and engaging pictures, along with updated language. 


For my project I have produced an Iphone application designed to teach users how to play the guitar. The concept is in the form of a game using an informal approach that provides less stress, and more enjoyment. The app is laid out and designed as a game in terms of typography and theory. It has a unique feature called ‘Facegame’. This feature allows you to connect with other members to play guitar together, and send and share files. Another feature is the Guitar Tuner where you can tune your guitar to the correct tone. My outcome consists of 20 pages of the app prposal.


Stage design for classical orchestra performances is not common or popular, although today, we see orchestra’s performing contemporary pieces, particularly those composed for cinema movies. Inspired by the music written by Ennio Morricone, features soundtracks that differ in rhythm and genre. I have created stage sets and animations designed to visualize music graphically through abstract shapes and forms. Moving away from the actual film plots, the aim was to create designs that would express the power of the performance and emotions carried by the melodies. Light and texture are used to convey spatial and temporal elements of the narrative.


The concept for this project is to encourage the use of fibre from the hemp plant to produce paper and related products as an eco-friendly alternative to pulp from trees. It is in the form of a range of paper samples, and print-based outcomes, that demonstrate the use of a range of hemp-based paper. The paper sample pack is accompanied by a booklet that provides information and facts about this unique plant, and its beneficial properties. 


This project is a book about food in art. It has been designed to appeal to a broad range of audiences who may be knowledgeable or less informed. It includes well-known works of art, alongside more obscure images – arranged in themes that seek to challenge preconceived notions, and allows readers to discover interesting and sometimes unexpected connections. Each section is printed in a different colour, and the themes cover topics such as flesh and body fluids, cannibalism and alcoholism. Images are accompanied by texts drawn from interviews, reviews and analysis.    


For my project I have created an experimental book that explores the use of patterns within folk culture. The final outcome consist of archive photographs of people dressed in traditional clothing, and features examples of patterns – interspersed with overlaying grids that allow users to interact with the patterns. The texts provide historical and symbolic information on the patterns and folk garb. I have also produced illustrations that serve to provide further context, and enrich the visual content and feel of the publication. 


My project is designed to provide insights into student life from the perspective of an existing student. Presented in the form of a journal, it is intended as a humorous and informative guide for prospective and new students. 


My project has been designed in response to the misuse of the power of media by politicians and institutions in relation to the refugee crisis. Refugees have been de-humanized and portrayed as illegal, faceless invaders who threaten our security and way of life. The project aims to create a sense of empathy through the impact of digital storytelling and social media. #followingsara is a campaign that explores Instagram’s visual potential, and uses social media as a platform to raise awareness within young audiences of the refugee crisis and closed frontier issues.


My project aims to promote and encourage prospective students to study at Westminster by highlighting and celebrating diversity. This project demonstrates the student experience at Westminster in terms of cultural diversity and integration. After gathering data on the number of students attending Westminster from each country, I managed to produce a range of outcomes that focus on diversity and global awareness. The outcomes include – postcards, posters, and invitations that share the theme of an abstract geometric colour system derived from each country’s national flag.



There is a common misconception amongst sighted people that being blind means total darkness, but I have found that the feeling of being blind is far more sensual and profound. For my project I have designed a book that features information from my research, in the form of interviews and conversations, along with drawings that reflect my feeling and understanding of the world from a blind persons perspective.  


Kinate is a concept originating from five different global issues – sustainability, water conditions, humanity (i.e hunger, antimicrobial resistance), health and animal welfare – all of which can be improved through the adoption of a plant-based diet. The name Kinate, originated from the work quinate, in botany: arranged in, or composed of five parts, reflects the five issues. For my project I have created an identity for a vegan festival event. This is accompanied by a book on the subject, featuring content drawn from my research, that aims to raise awareness of the topic and issues.


Behind the glamour and glitter on the surface, the fashion industry successfully conceals some of it’s more sordid secrets. Being the second most polluting industry after oil, the depiction of fashion is far away from the image of deforestation, toxic water sources, and skin cancer. My project is designed to reveal important global issues surrounding this realm, and is based on recent research into an industry that continues to stimulate overconsumption of clothes as a disposable commodity. I have designed an app that aims to reveal information to those dazzled by the false image of fashion and its purpose.


Today, society is moving towards an increased awareness and understanding of mental illnesses – although, the general information currently available is in the form of simplistic information pamphlets outlining the basic conditions with little advice on solutions to the underlying problems. For my project, “Look at me”, I have adopted a different approach to explaining borderline personality disorder. I have produced outcomes, in the form of illustrated conversations, that seek to look deeper into an individual suffers mental state – focusing on the disorder, rather than providing a cure or direct understanding.


There once was a time when mother’s threw their babies onto fires, and a city of millions were drunk all day and night; where sin and sodomy were king and reality; and how one perceived it, was a horrifyingly distorted blur, the great gin craze of the 18th Century. My project takes inspiration from that heinous time and charts the hallucinogenic and mythical part the drink played in people’s lives. I have created a range of interchangeable and interlocking packaging designed for the re-presentation of ‘Mother’s Ruin’. 


I have created an interactive website designed to highlight growing concerns over space debris cluttering our atmosphere. It allows users to explore and interact with ‘active’ and ‘dead’ satellites – displaying their orbiting path, device name, country of origin and, launch date. The site also explores the implications of space debris, as well as providing visual size comparisons to common objects. It has been designed to appear visually engaging to users whilst remaining informative.

Caley Zheng



My project explores the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-Sabi – the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. I have designed a book for those who may appreciate the beauty of things modest, humble, and imperfect. It aims to remind us that we are all transient beings on this planet, and that all things are in the process of returning to dust. And of the delicate balance between the pleasure gained from things, and the pleasure we get from the freedom of things. The texts are from the book Wabi- Sabi, for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers, by Lenoard Koren, all photographs are by me.