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image: Mia Hyunsun You , Live Projects (ISTD)



Level Five modules require a greater degree of independent study, and an ability to support and develop project work with research, analysis and selection.

They encourage personal awareness and reflection, and offer a degree of choice and selection of project options and media outcomes.

Project work presented here features the representation of data relating to student's activities and interests across a range of topics, such as: social networks; musical tastes; leisure and social activities; travel; and, eating and drinking activities.

Level 5 also introduces students to 'live' projects set by external organisations as such as The International Society of Typographic Designers and the Design Museum. In 2016 our student Alexandra Sedo was accredited by the ISDT, a highly regarded achievement.

The level continues to challenge the students to respond to briefs with solid academic and thematic research and continues to emphasise the importance of initial visual exploration before the implementation that may lead towards further developed abilities and understandings of design applications and environments that may include the industry standard design tools and digital environments, examples being the use of code via Processing or physical computing and Arduino.

Modules at this level are Typography and Communication 2, Authorship and Interaction, cross-faculty elective, Live Projects, Professional Practice.  


image: Xuan Phan, Live Projects (ISTD)


image: Typography and Communication 2


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Colin Bailey

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