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Image: Lora Slavova.

Graduate Show, P3 Ambika, 2017

The work here is a representation of the considered and diverse projects developed by our 2017 graduates. The show ran at P3 Ambika in June and was a celebration of graphic communication design applied to print, book, installation, moving image, digital, package, performative and experimental initiatives.

Abigail Stephenson, 'Mother's Ruin'. A project that takes inspiration from the heinous and mythical part the drink played in people’s lives.

Peri Chiu, 'Instant Chem-Noodles'. Instant noodles, part of the ‘fast-food’ culture, contain large quantities of harmful additives, and they have absolutely no nutritional value at all.

Rosabella Scotto Di Covella, 'The Mind's Eye'. There is a common misconception amongst sighted people that being blind means total darkness, but I have found that the feeling of being blind is far more sensual and profound.

Kamile Kaminskaite, 'Art Nibbles'. Project themes cover topics such as flesh and body fluids, cannibalism and alcoholism. Images are accompanied by texts drawn from interviews, reviews and analysis.

Alexandra Sedo, 'Kinate'. Kinate is a concept originating from five different global issues – sustainability, water conditions, humanity (i.e hunger, antimicrobial resistance), health and animal welfare – all of which can be improved through the adoption of a plant-based diet. 

Sabina Lambru, 'A Discourse in Symbols'. Experimental book that explores the use of patterns within folk culture.

Adila Fataliyeva, 'Musica'. Stage design for classical orchestra performances is not common or popular, although today, we see orchestra’s performing contemporary pieces, particularly those composed for cinema movies.

Caley Zheng, 'Wabi-Sabi'. A project that explores the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-Sabi – the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

Kirsten Adams. 'Piss Poor Parking' install. A fun guerrilla campaign aimed against poor parking motorists – ‘one idiot at a time’.

Projections P3 show. Image left Asia Chudzik, 'Questionist'. These days, society is being fuelled by progress, power, and above all – money. Fast-pace living does not allow us to pause, wonder, take stock, or think twice before making a decision.

Evelina Sara Stasyte, 'Look At Me'. Today, society is moving towards an increased awareness and understanding of mental illnesses – although, the general information currently available is in the form of simplistic information pamphlets outlining the basic conditions with little advice on solutions to the underlying problems.

Image: Lora Slavova.