Image: Saleema Akhtar


Level Four modules introduce students to a variety of historical, theoretical and conceptual issues, and to processes related to the generation, development and production of designed outcomes.

Exercises and project work allow students to demonstrate their understanding of some of the basic principles of visual communication, design, organization of information and encourage awareness of their relevance and importance within design and communication practices.

We also establish the importance of design 'process' in this introductory stage and actively encourage explorations of process and varied technical processes that includes introduction to principal digital softwares alongside more haptic processes as such as screen-print and see that students do not see these as mutually exclusive means to making work. 

Modules at this level are Visual Language and Communication, Design Process, Design History and Culture, Visual Narratives, Typography and Communication 1,  and a cross-faculty elective.

Image: Giulia Bronzatto Almeida, Visual Language and Communication.

Ariba Warwich | Charlotte Lester  

Module: Design Process, Level 4, semester 1.

Kathleen Vanthavong, Typography and Communication 1, Level 4, semester 2.

Workshop 'Seeing Sound', Visual Language and Communication, Level 4, semester 1.